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Fashion and beauty are political. They are and always have been. No matter how much we try to create distance between them, beauty standards and fashion trends have always been intimately tied to social issues, politics, and current events.
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A Fresh Take on Beauty.

Welcome to SKNFLUENCR—a new platform & community dedicated to exploring beauty and fashion at the intersection of race, identity, and culture.

About Me

My name is Asia Jackson and I’m an actress and content producer based in Los Angeles, CA. I grew up a military brat and all throughout my childhood I was exposed to different cultures and observed how the many beauty standards differed from country to country and sometimes even city to city. As I got older, I started to make the connection between beauty/fashion trends and politics/current events.

My father is African-American (Louisiana Creole) and my mother is Indigenous Filipino (Ibaloi Igorot). As a mixed person of color, I grew up having to contend with navigating disparate beauty standards in both communities. As an adult I began to realize that beauty standards were rooted in every cultures’ sociopolitical history, e.g. colonialism or slavery.

During my research about beauty standards and fashion trends, I learned that the concept of beauty and fashion have always existed, even at a tribal level. While they existed in a much different capacity as they do today, this provided me with a much needed alternate perspective about what ‘beauty’ is and could be.

I created SKNFLUENCR because I wanted to create a platform that explores these concepts and digs deep into the beauty and fashion trends that we know today…in a nonjudgemental environment. This is a place for a genuine desire to listen and learn. I encourage all to approach each perspective with an open mind—I know I will!

What to Expect

My main goal for SKNFLUENCR is to provide accessible conversations and permit a nonjudgemental environment to explore different topics, issues, and perspectives. As such, each piece of content on this platform will aim to tackle beauty and fashion from different perspectives—race, gender, ethnicity, culture, class, and everything in between.

The Podcast

Explore beauty and style with me, your host, and a special guest on the SKNFLUENCR podcast every other Monday.

Weekly Articles & Interviews

Op-eds, articles, and interviews with experts & other notable figures about beauty and fashion. Every week. All at the intersection of race, identity, and culture.

Instagram & TikTok Content

Be sure to follow us at @sknfluencr on Instagram and TikTok for mini bites of info & fun!